Business Sectors

Architectural, Structural, Electromechanical, Building Automation and Management Systems design from conceptions to detailed engineering of residential and commercial buildings.

Master planning and engineering of small and large industrial zones and complexes, warehousing, fabrication, manufacturing plants, assembly lines, light and heavy industries.

Engineering, Design, Optimization of nonconventional and ecologically safe power plants with special focus on solar power, wind power, biomass, geothermal and tidal energy.


Engineering and design of water and waste water treatment systems using state of the art physical, chemical and biological treatment to help preserve water and natural resources.

Design and optimization of power and water networks and national grids to transmit and distribute power and water from the power stations, substations, desalination plants and water reservoirs to urban communities

Functional design engineering and management of transportation facilities in order to provide safe, efficient, rapid, comfortable, convenient and economical highways, railways, ports and harbors.

Design, engineering and management of airports, seaports, maritime container terminals, passengers’ terminals, concourse building and cargo container terminals.

Design, engineering and management of chemical plants, food processing plants, metal smelters, petrochemicals and polymers, and pharmaceutical industries utilizing physical, chemical, microbiological and biochemical processes.

Engineering, management, exploitation and conservation of Biotic and Abiotic natural resources such as minerals, water, plants & animals, air, water, wood, oil, wind energy, iron, and coal.

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