Who We Are?

Thames Advanced Consulting Techniques Inc. is a leading and professional project management firms working actively in Ontario - Canada and providing state of the art value engineering and project management services to clients at both public and private sectors in Canada and the Middle East.

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Integrity: TACT will act honestly and with integrity. Our team will behave professionally at all times regardless of the circumstances and working atmosphere and whether or not clients will observe our actions. TACT will never tolerate approach to bribery and corruption. 

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TACT’s main drive and motive is to meet and exceed client expectations as well as to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and provide quality services by deploying state of the art engineering and technology taking into account feasibility, reliability, efficiency and durability.

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TACT Complies and adheres to all relevant national and international business codes and standards.

TACT is a result-oriented firm that exerts all means of professionalism to achieve the best results. This dictates our commitments to enforce a total quality management that ensures quality in all aspects of our business.

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Health: TACT aims to retain the highest level of occupational health and to ensure that no harm to our employees' health occurs as a result of our activities and to improve the monitoring and control of those activities, which have the potential to impact on health. 

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Sustainability & Continuous Improvement

TACT emphasis on the clean, sustainable technology and pollution prevention by promoting the use of ecological, clean and renewable energy such as solar and wind power whenever a potential to realize major improvements through disruptive technology is viable.

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Get in touch with Us

Thames Advanced Consulting Techniques Inc.

534 Dansbury Drive, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2K 4K8

Tel: +1 905 808 6516

Fax: +1 519 781 5515

Email: info@tact-canada.com