Ethics & Values

Ethics & Values

  • Integrity
TACT prides itself in acting professionally, honestly and with integrity. TACT promises to undertake due diligence and look out for the interests of the client, the community and the work environment, as well as the people with whom we work.
  • Trustworthiness
TACT is a trustworthy entity that observes the interests of its clients throughout all business phases and after handover. TACT strives to deliver quality projects to clients irrespective of any constraints, restrictions or limitations.
  • Fairness
TACT is committed to building fair and transparent business relationships with clients in the mutual interest of all concerned parties. Fairness is not only a part of our moral code but is an ethical value integrated into our business model.
  • Team Spirit and Performance
TACT works as one team. Our professional employees and contractors integrate their work to deliver the best results. We recognize that our success is only possible through the collaborative efforts of our people. TACT invests in and develops its own people through training and by rewarding performance, while also creating a work environment in which our employees are challenged, motivated, satisfied and accountable for their work.

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