Client Satisfaction

  • TACT’s main drive and motive is to meet and exceed client expectations as well as to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and provide quality services by deploying state of the art engineering and technology taking into account feasibility, reliability, efficiency and durability.
  • In line with TACT’s vision of being one of the leading project management firms in Canada with a potential growth of our international arm in the middle east and north Africa, TACT is committed to employ professionals that observe our ethics and values to deliver quality and ensure the highest business standards to achieve the ultimate goals and meet client’s expectations. As a company and as individuals, we give due diligence and strive to provide the desired success and customer satisfaction and do not tolerate unethical behaviour including bribery, corruption, conflicts of interest and preferential treatment to third parties. Clients are encouraged to report any such breach to our ethical values guidelines to our HR and resource management at any time and by all possible means for further action.

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