• TACT emphasis on the clean, sustainable technology and pollution prevention by promoting the use of ecological, clean and renewable energy such as solar and wind power whenever a potential to realize major improvements through disruptive technology is viable. TACT takes the lead and pave the way to client to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise by proposing techniques, solutions and alternatives to conventional energy wherever and whenever practical.
  • TACT strives to eliminate significant waste and emissions from our business stream and implements viable recycling techniques to control waste, surplus materials and byproducts generated from our business like copper, steel, synthetics, plastics and wood.
  • TACT develops and implements new sustainable business strategies based on the concept of circular economy with clients and government authorities.
  • TACT strives to maintain solid financial standing, steady and sustainable growth patterns.
  • TACT adopts solid strategies of continuous improvements to the business by implementing clear and measurable PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act) tools.
  • TACT applies continuous improvement through leadership, teamwork and transparency in all transactions endorses the confidence and trust of our esteemed clients.
  • TACT gives due consideration to continuous development of core skills, enhancing competence of our employees through awareness, teamwork and training.
  • TACT applies formative, direct and indirect assessment as well as internal and external audit to all working procedures and processes and regularly assess performance and results to update our KPIs if deemed necessary on our way to excellence.

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